Easygo Travels & Meetings



逸行旅行社(Easygo Travels & Meetings )的團隊成員,是一群中毒級的旅行愛好者。我們很樂意與您分享我們在世界各地的獨家旅行體驗。

As team members in Easygo Travels & Meetings, we are all a bunch of travel addicts,  we would love to share with you our exclusive and customized travel experiences across the world. 



Our initial goal is to provide exquisite, boutique tours for our delegate groups, who we hope to help them discover more about the destination they are visiting, rather than just routine trips from the hotel to the venue. Considerately design tours that not only include all the famous attractions of the city but also a taste of backpacker, to locations that are not normally visited by traditional travel groups.


On the Easygo Travels & Meetings website, we believe in giving you the freedom to customize your travel experience. We don’t overwhelm you with excessive pre-planned itineraries. Instead, we want to know your wishlist so we can make your dream trip a reality. Once you choose us, you’ll discover our passion and expertise as we go above and beyond to ensure your journey is perfect in every way. Let us show you what it means to travel with heart and soul.